Relatório de "Girls Not Brides" - Lições de 11 iniciativas nacionais para o fim do casamento infantil

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Download pdfReport: Lessons from 11 national initiatives to end child marriage

"Last year, we saw multiple initiatives to end child marriage around the world. These initiatives have the potential to help set the agenda for a comprehensive response to child marriage. In our latest report, we analyse national initiatives in 11 countries and draw out key learnings. Download the report, or read a summary of our findings."

Consulta Reflecting on national strategies to end child marriage: lessons from 11 countries.

"Lesson 1: The sustained leadership and political will of the government is essential to ensuring that national initiatives move forward
Lesson 2: Governments need to strengthen their capacity to coordinate work across sectors, communicate clearly about what is happening, and allocate budget to address child marriage
Lesson 3: Civil society is vital to the design and implementation of national initiatives, as well as holding governments to account
Lesson 4: Child marriage is not a standalone issue and shouldn’t be seen as one. For maximum impact, all sectors and ministries need to integrate a focus on child marriage in their work"

Link para o site "Girls Not Brides".

Link para o site "Girls Not Brides" - Relatório "Lessons from 11 national initiatives to end child marriage"

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