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Resilient people, resilient planet: a future worth choosing

Note by the Secretary-General

"(...) 3. I am very pleased to be able now to transmit to the Member States the report of the Panel, entitled “Resilient people, resilient planet: a future worth choosing”. The report sets out a comprehensive framework for advancing sustainable development in the context of numerous interconnected challenges that humanity is facing in thetwenty-first century. Fully supportive of the paradigm introduced by the report of the World Commission on Environment and Development of 4 August 1987, entitled “Our common future” (A/42/427) — which approaches in an integrated way economic growth, social equality and environmental sustainability — the Panel’s report makes a range of recommendations to take forward its vision of eradicating poverty, reducing inequality and making growth inclusive, and production and consumption more sustainable, while combating climate change and respecting arange of other planetary boundaries (see para. 6 of the Panel’s report). (...)".

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