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Eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were set at the turn of the 21st century to reduce global poverty and injustice by 2015. For the first time, all the members of the United Nations (UN) came together and committed to achieving a set of time-bound targets to meet the needs of the world’s poor, from halving extreme poverty to ensuring that 40% of wage-earning jobs in the non-agricultural sector were held by women. Since 2000, UN members have reaffirmed these goals – and their commitment to fulfilling them – several times. A feeling that the time was long overdue to take action on needless injustices and inequalities resonated far beyond the UN, and beyond the development community; it rallied many other actors – from schools to churches to corporations – to take action too. There has been striking, unprecedented progress over the past 13 years; many of the targets set have already been met. But there is still so much to do, and with less than two years until the MDGs expire, there has been a flurry of activity to put a new development framework in place that has the power to inspire people all over the world, once again, to work together for global social good.

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