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Nome Panel on Global Sustainability - Resilient People, Resilient Planet

The vision: a future worth choosing

A quarter of a century ago, the Brundtland report introduced the concept of sustainable development to the international community as a new paradigm for economic growth, social equality and environmental sustainability. It argued that sustainable development could be achieved by an integrated policy framework embracing all three of those pillars. Since then, the world has gained a deeper understanding of the interconnected challenges we face, and the realization that sustainable development provides the best opportunity for people to choose their future. The High-level Panel on Global Sustainability argues that by making transparent both the cost of action and the cost of inaction, political processes can summon both the arguments and the political will necessary to act for a sustainable future. The long-term vision of the Panelis to eradicate poverty, reduce inequality and make growth inclusive, and production and consumption more sustainable, while combating climate change and respecting a range of other planetary boundaries. In light of this, the report makes arange of recommendations to take forward the Panel’s vision for a sustainable planet, a just society and a growing economy.

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