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Nome UNDG - A Million Voices - The World We Want

As the world approaches 2015, the target date for achieving the Millennium Development Goals, a process of reflection has begun on the future of global development. The definition of the ‘post-2015 agenda’ is a chance to usher in a new era in international development – one that can eradicate extreme poverty and lead to a world of prosperity, peace, sustainability, equity and dignity for all. Collectively, we need to grasp this historic opportunity to transform our economies and societies. This report synthesizes the results of an unprecedented global consultation led by the United Nations that has involved more than 1 million people across all countries and from all backgrounds. A special effort was made to reach out to the poor, the marginalized and others whose voices are not usually heard. Modern communications technology, the mobilization of UN agencies and the exceptional enthusiasm of countless volunteers made this unique endeavour possible. Through this exercise, the United Nations was determined to tap into the spirit of the first words of its founding Charter: “We the Peoples”.

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