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Nome 2014 UN GA - Report of the Independent Expert on Minority Issues

The present report provides an update on the activities of the mandate holder since submission of her previous report. The Independent Expert includes a thematic discussion on “Ensuring the inclusion of minority issues in post-2015 development agendas”. As momentum builds towards the shaping of new global development goals, addressing inequalities has emerged as a core area of discussion and consultation. This gives greater attention to the issues of women, those with disabilities, the elderly and vulnerable groups. However the Independent Expert considers that the issues of minorities remain relatively poorly reflected in the emerging discussions, both internationally and nationally. She urges greater and systematic attention to disadvantaged minorities who constitute hundreds of millions of the poorest and most socially and economically marginalized and excluded people globally. The Independent Expert identifies the need for the new global development agenda to include specific goals relating to addressing inequality and promoting social inclusion, which include specific requirements and targets focused on activities to address the situations of disadvantaged minority groups. Human rights-based approaches to development are essential and must give greater attention to the promotion and protection of minority rights, which offers an important path to development for national, ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities.

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