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Nome 2013 OIM - World Migration Report

The World Migration Report 2013: Migrant Well-being and Development ─ the seventh report in IOM’s World Migration Report series ─ focuses on the migrant, and on how migration affects a person’s well-being.

While most reports on migration and development look at the impact of remittances sent back home by migrants, this report takes a different approach, exploring how migration affects a person’s quality of life and his or her human development across a broad range of dimensions.

The report presents findings from a unique source of data – the Gallup World Poll surveys, conducted in more than 150 countries ─ allowing for the first-ever assessment of well-being among migrants worldwide. These findings shed newlight on how migrants rate their lives, and on how they feel with regard to income, employment, health, security and other dimensions relevant to their well-being.

Furthermore, the World Migration Report 2013 moves beyond the traditional focus on migrants moving from lower-income countries to more affluent ones, and presents findings for four key migration pathways (from the South to the North, from the North to the South, between countries of the South, and between countries of the North), as well as their implications for development.

The report concludes with a set of recommendations for future initiatives to monitor migrant well-being and the impact of migration on development, with reference to the inclusion of migration in the post-2015 global development framework.

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