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Nome 2013 EIGE-FGM in the EU and Croatia

The main objective of this report is to provide an analysis of the current situation of FGM in the EU-27 and Croatia. In particular, it intends to address prevalence, current policyand legal frameworks, actors dealing with FGM and their approaches. The aim is to identify and fill the gaps in data collection and to support the development of strategies to combat FGM in the EU. Reflecting international standards of discussing gender based violence in a framework of human rights, this report uses a ‘comprehensive approach’, focusing on prevalence, prevention, protection, prosecution and pro vision of services. This report is based on the ‘Study to map the current situation and trends of female genital mutilation in 27 EU Member States and Croatia’, which was commissioned by the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) and which mapped existing information and data on FGM inthe EU-27 and Croatia. It is important to note that its indepth component was only undertaken in nine EU Member States. Therefore, for countries where the in-depth phase of research did not occur, this report is less representative. Finally, it must be noted that any comprehensive approach to tackling FGM cannot be restricted to the borders of the EU-27 and Croatia. FGM is, by nature, a global, transnational phenomenon. That is why it needs to be addressed in bi-and multilateral discussions among countries and stakeholders at a multitude of levels.

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